June 28th

The Bargello Museum has a remarkable collection of Renaissance sculpture and works of art.   The building was the headquarters of the Capitano del Popolo and later of the Podestà and Council of Justice.  In 1574, it became the living quarters for the Captain of Justice (chief of police) and was used as a prison.  Despite a series of alterations and additions which altered the original plan during the 14th and 15th centuries, the palace preserved its pleasant severity, best seen in the beautiful courtyard, the balcony and the large hall on the first floor.  The museum was subsequently enriched with splendid collections of bronzes, majolica, waxes, enamels, medals, seals, ivories, amber, tapestries, furniture and textiles from the Medici collections and those of private donors.  For Renaissance art lovers, the Bargello is to sculpture what the Uffizi is to painting.  I personally thought the porcelain arches that hung on the walls were amazing.  The were mainly of Madonna and Child but the colors that were used to paint the porcelain just make it pop.  Also the level of difficulty that there was when working with porcelain must be high because of the breakability of the porcelain.  The courtyard in the morning with the sun shining partly through creates a depth


One thought on “Bargello

  1. Jessica, I agree with your assessments of the Ceramic works but you needed to discuss the artist(s) who created these works and many others seen all around Firenze. These are the works of Andrea Della Robbia and his family an extremely significant fact about the Renaissance.

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